My projects

My various open source project I worked on or am working on.

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A current rewrite of my 'plume' pathtracer (that you can see below). It's a pathtracer written in C with Vulkan from scratch. It uses the GPU for fast and complex scene rendering. It supports GLTF loading, BSDF materials and much more...
The screenshot is a render of a scene I made with the pathtracer.
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An open source cpu pathtracer written in C from scratch. It's aimed at being fast and simple. It is currently being reworked to be replaced by the compute shader version.
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An operating system inspired by brutalist design that combines the ideals of UNIX from the 1970s with modern technology and engineering

Brutal is an open source micro kernel written in C. I contributed to the operating system in various way, but I'm not the only maintainer. Brutal has it's own (work in progess) C compiler, it has an Interface Definition Language, a UI system, a x86-64 & RISC-V kernel, it's own bootloader... And everything was written from scratch.
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Another 64 bit (amd64) operating system I wrote from scrarch in C++, it has smp, ext2, basic network, ahci... I stopped working on it for Brutal

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I am one of the administrators of the DEVSE community. It's an awesome french community around the development of low level programming and operating systems. We have a discord server, a wiki, an IRC, ...
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This website

This website is where you are ! It was my first time using a web framework (like Next.JS). You can also take a look at an old version of the website that wasn't using JS and was generated using python.

But I also have other projects !


A WIP hobby raspberry pi pico emulator.

obsidian typing speed

An obsidian plugin to track your typing speed. (1000+ downloads).


A risc-v interpretter written in C++ from scratch.

Bid vscode

A VSCode extension to use the Brutal Interface Definition language (BID).

And much more !